The project so far…

In 2014 Islington Heritage were successfully awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Our Heritage funding to undertake this brilliant community restoration project. Our main aim as are to:

  • To restore the mural by Peter Yates in the foyer of Bevin Court back to its former glory
  • To reinstate a 3D copy of the original bust of Ernst Bevin into the foyer
  • To gather the enthusiasm and interest of the community to help us research and publish the heritage of Bevin Court and it’s residents
  • To provide training in website and blogging training to those who are interested in helping us compile this history
  • To provide training for a team of young people to produce a film of the restoration process

This fantastic opportunity to restore one of the treasure of Islington’s artistic heritage has been bought to realisation by the tireless enthusiasm and passion of the residents of Bevin Court. They approached Islington Heritage Service and have worked with us all the way to obtain the monies to complete these works. We are all really pleased to have secured funding from the HLF to undertake this fantastic project.

We had our first group meeting in September 2014 and we were all ready to get this project cracking. It was at this meeting that we found out that there would be a slight hiccup in our plans. Over the previous rather wet months a rather significant amount of water had fallen and this had soaked into the fabric of the mural.

The level of moisture in the wall would prevent any conservation taking place.We met with Islington Council’s surveyor in November who recommended that some preventative measures are put in place to protect the area from water ingress in the future.To this end Islington Council is undertaking works in December to protect the area.

Whilst this will delay our project, we are really happy that the mural will be safeguarded for the future. Watch this space and I will update you on the works completed by the council on the beautiful Bevin Court foyer structure.