Islington Council repairs

In December 2014 Islington Council carried out several works on the fabric of Bevin Court. As this building is a Grade 2*listed building all the works had to be undertaken up to a standard acceptable to English Heritage.

Bevin in scafold

The works carried out under the supervision of the Architects Team and the boroughs Conservation Officer included:

  • The renewal of the asphalt waterproofing to the flat roof
  • Introduction of a Damp Proof Course to the top sets of the wall
  • Renewal of the glazing in the roof light
  • Renewal of the movement join between the barrel entrance and the cantilever roof
  • improvement of detailing at the key junctions including asphalt upstands to aid water flow into gutters

We are really glad to hear that all this work has been carried out to protect the mural wall from water ingress. Now all we need to do is wait and monitor the area over the next 8 months to ensure the area is dried out sufficiently to allow the restoration to take place.

A big thank you to the Architects team for helping us out with these works, but an even bigger thank you to the residents of Bevin Court for putting up with the upheaval of having the entrance foyer clad in scaffolding whilst these works were being carried out.