Peter Yates

Peter Yates (1920-1982) was born in Wanstead, always artistic, he began studying architecture in 1938 at the Regent Street Polytechnic. In World War Two he was a fire watcher in the St Paul’s area and then went on to join the RAF on his 21st birthday.

In 1944 he travelled to Versailles with the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces to establish a radar transmitting station. In early 1945 Yates was in Paris where he met, among many other artists and writers, Le Corbusier.  The two were both architects and painters, Le Corbusier noting on one occasion that ‘this boy can see things.’

Peter Yates had a long term friendship with Berthold Lubetkin who he worked with on the Peterlee scheme.

The mural painted at Bevin Court is named Day and Night, Winged BullsIt depicts the coat of arms of Finsbury in an abstract form. For more information about the mural take a look at our article Day and Night, Winged Bulls

For more information on Peter Yates visit and on the Book Room Art Press

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