‘Dry run’ of new Lubetkin walk…

Thursday 14 th of May was the day picked for the last ‘dry run’ for our community walk, Lubetkin, Finsbury and Bevin Court, the time  – 6pm. Unfortunately Jiff and I did not get the memo to the weather… and it poured down!

Dry run walk

Our band of residents and heritage nuts braved the wettest of wet weather to add the final touches, suggestions and comments and now the walk is ready to be launched to the public.

This walk was created by our CIGA guide Jiff and our volunteers as part of the HLF funded Bevin Court Community Restoration project. They have researched a huge amount information on the history of Bevin court, Peter Yates, Lubetkin and the local development of Finsbuy. Its a really interesting walk and we hope you all get a chance to take part. For the date of the next walk please visit our walks section of this blog.

The first of these free walks is on 15 June. Lets hope for dryer weather!

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