Bevin Court Community Restoration Launch

Saturday 23rd of May saw the launch of our project. We’ve been working behind the scenes with the community of Bevin Court since autumn 2014 to shape the community restoration and build a base for the project. At 2 pm on Saturday afternoon, after a downpour of spring rain, over 50 people gathered at the Peel Centre on Percy Circus to find out more about the Bevin Court Community Restoration Project.


We had tea and cakes to kick off and an introduction by Alex Smith, the Project Officer on this HLF funded Bevin court Community Restoration. After outlining the history of the project and the core aims of the project to:

  • conserve and restore Yates’ mural at Bevin Court
  • create a replica bust of Ernest Bevin using 3D printing
  • hold a series of lectures, workshops and educational events for the residents and local people
  • create a community walk focusing on the history of Finsbury and Berthold Lubetkin

She also introduced two other parts of the project which will be:

  • a mini exhibition at Islington Museum by the Peel Centre artists of work inspired by Peter Yates’ mural and the views from Bevin Court.
  • A school’s pack exploring the local history of Clerkenwell and the Yates’ mural.

After thanks to all the residents for their continued interested and support Jiff Bayliss was introduced.

Jiff Bayliss is the Clerkenwell and Islington Guiding Association guide who has been working with the community to design a walk of the local area exploring the heritage connected with Bevin Court. He introduced us to the way in which the group represented the history of Bevin Court in the shape of a walk.

To do this he went through certain stages with the group:

  • Agree landmarks – stopsBCCR walk route
  • Research – stories
  • Finalise stops
  • Finalise route
  • Finalise commentary
  • Test
  • Review

The first of these excellent free walks will be on Monday 15th June 2015

Jiff passed the baton onto John Allan, Lubetkin’s biographer. The audience were in for a treat as John led us through
Berthold Lubetkin’s youth and journey to London and ultimately the work he carried out for the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury.

May 23rd talk

I can’t try to write up this wide ranging talk in such a short space as I will not be able to do it justice, so instead, we are arranging for John to visit us at Islington Museum to deliver a talk on Lubetkin and his works in Islington in the autumn. Keep an eye on the Bevin Court Blog for more information.

After John Allan, Mustafa Rae talked to the group about how the company iMakr will be reproducing the bust of Ernest Bevin which once sat in the foyer of Bevin Court. He showed us a video demonstrating some of the studio’s work in the past and even bought us a mini 3D bust of Bevin!

Mustafa has invited people to come down to the studio on Clerkenwell Road whilst the big Bust of Bevin is being created to see the actual process in action. We will keep you updated on the Bevin Court Blog when we have agreed the time and date for this visit. If you’re interested in coming along then do email

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