3D printing Bevin

There are lots of stories about Bevin Court and its environs and as part of our Bevin Court Restoration Project we are reproducing a bust of Ernest Bevin. The Building used to house a bronze bust of Bevin housed in the aperture across from Yates’ mural.

John McCann / RIBA Library Photographs Collection

John McCann / RIBA Library Photographs Collection

Like most of the stories concerning Bevin Court and busts, the how, why and when of the disappearance of Bevin’s bust is not clear cut. Residents remember that the bust went some time in the 90s, but stories of Bevin’s bust become intertwined with the happenings of the bust of Lenin and the two tales often intertwine (if any one has any other info on Bevin’s bust then do get in contact).

Bevin in 3D lime green

Mini Bevin!

As part of the Bevin Court Community Restoration project we are reproducing a bust of Bevin to go into the space left by the old bust. iMakr, a 3D printing company in Clerkenwell, are working with us to create an exact replica of the bust owned by the Unite union. Why have we chosen this bust to copy? We will be publishing a blog on just this topic very soon!

This lime green version is a mini Bevin produced for us by iMakr to demonstrate the level of detail captured during the scan. We will be organising a visit to the studio at iMakr during the production of the full size bust, if you’d like to join us on this visit then drop alex.smith@islignton.gov.uk an email.

Once the bust is printed it will go on display in Islington museum before being installed in Bevin court.

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