‘Reshaping Lubetkin’: a hit in the Rags

Bevin Court Restoration Project hits print again. Amy Smith form the Islington Tribune introduces our latest exhibition – Reshaping Lubetkin.

article on reshaping lubetkin, an art exhibition at Islington Museum

As part of the Bevin Court Community Restoration project the Peel Centre Art Club was invited to create artworks and curate an exhibition in response to the rich social, architectural and artistic heritage of Bevin Court and Peter Yates’ mural: Day and Night, Winged Bulls.


After a tour of Bevin Court, a site on the doorstep of the Peel Centre, the club began to isolate and examine the different symbols, architecture, and histories within the building and mural. These were then reinterpreted and brought back together to show snapshots of Bevin Court and all of its combined histories. This lead the club members to explore places and people they felt were important to their local communities, shown here in the collaborative piece Ebb and Flow.

Reshaping Lubetkin: Phoebe SmithThese works were on show at Islington Museum, 245 St John Street, until Saturday 29 August. Take a look at the gallery for more artwork produced by the group.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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