Bevin Court: an exploration of place

Tonight we mixed up the exhibition of the Peel Centre’s Art Group with the artworks created by our young art students. The 12 students have been working with artist Ella Medely-Whitfield on a multimedia exhibition taking its inspiration from the bountiful Bevin Court.

 Over three days the group have visited and explored the building, its surroundings, geography and history in creative and innovative ways. The body of work that they have created is exhibited at the Islington Museum until August 29th.

There are charcoal works, 3D architectural models, pencil drawings, map collages, lino printing, soundscapes, clay sculptures, clay impresses, photography, postcards, windowsill portraits…that’s a lot of work for three days. The group have really pulled their imagination out of the bag and created some thoughtful and fun artworks.

Watch this space for the online gallery.

Six of the young people who took part in the art workshops will now be taking a film making course with Ella over the coming two weeks. They will be documenting all the key aspects of the restoration project and the heritage of the site that they find important. There will be a free film screening of their work on Thursday 27th August. Come along and find out what all the fuss is about.

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