3D Saxon

Last month we visited iMakr store in Clerkenwell. This is where the bust of Ernest Bevin that twill sit in the foyer of Bevin Court is being made. The team at iMakr showed us how all the different machines  work, including the one that will most likely print our Bevin.

They also showed us a version of the technique used to capture the bust of Ernest Bevin. This technique is called photogrammetry, simply put it means you take tons of photos of the object you want to print and then use some very clever software to stitch it back together.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.52.57

In the studio the team at iMakr have a static piece of kit that they scan people with in order to print small versions of them to produce lifelike accuracy. One of our team from Bevin court immediately saw the usefulness of this tool. See asked iMakr if they can scan dogs.  Not to eschew a challenge the iMakr team offered to scan the dog and give their technology a test.

Introducing Saxon!



Saxon, a beautiful Golden Labrador,  took a trip down to the iMakr store with her owner Carol. She was scanned and then a few days later the pair visited the store again to pick up the finished mini Saxons. We were all blown away by the results.

Introducing Saxon, Bevin court’s first ever 3D printed dog!


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