Bevin Court: an exploration of place

An exploration of place by: Adila Nasrin,  Alvin Tampon, Bryan Francis Herrera, Dana Bell, Joshua Louis, Kaiira Ologunro, Keva Oscar, Mahla Nasrollahi, Mitul Depala, Rahim Ali & Sophia Oscar


As part of the HLF funded Bevin Court community Restoration project, on the 10, 11 & 12 August  twelve young  artists took part in our Bevin Court inspired workshops with artist Ella Medley-Whitfield. The teams spent three days visiting Lubetkin’s Bevin Court, learning about the architecture and the  history behind the structure, creatively engaging with  the community who live there.

In response to their interaction with the physical space of the building, the group created some amazing artworks through the mediums of drawing, sculpture, photography, audio tours, soundscapes and printing.

They looked at loads of styles of interpretation including: Window Tower, Map Collage and Lino Printing, Audio Tours and Soundscape, Building Bevin Sculptures,  Drawing and sculptural pieces and Windowsill portraits.

We launched an exhibition of their works at Islington Museum on the 13 August. The exhibition is on display at Islington Museum until the end of August 2015. Take a look at the gallery and be inspired to get creative.

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