The restoration has started!

We’ve finally started the restoration of Winged Bull Day and Night, Peter Yates’ mural at Bevin Court. Tom and his team from Arte Conservation are working on cleaning the work up. The varnish that has discoloured the mural is coming off nicely and revealing a very bright coloured mural indeed!

Bull brightScreen Shot 2016-05-27 at 14.39.04

Watch this space to find out more.


Birds of Bevin Court

We have a very popular bird feeding station at the rear of Bevin Court,  in the woodland area below the ramp entrance of the building.   There are a variety of feeders providing hulled sunflower hearts, niger ( or nyjer) seed & suet pellets.

The ring-necked parakeets and great spotted woodpeckers enjoy the suet pellets.   Finches & siskins love niger seed.  Everyone loves the hulled sunflower hearts – even our marauding squirrels!

All of the feeders and feed that we provide to our bird population are paid for by Bevin Community Gardens.

Some of the birds you may see on our feeders or around Bevin Court are listed below

Images courtesy of
Public Domain Pictures
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December walk exploring Lubetkin and Bevin Court

Jiff Bayliss will be leading his walk Lubetkin, Finsbury and Bevin Court once a month and tickets for his December 5th walk are now available.

Saturday December  5th meeting at Islington Museum 11am

Tickets for the walks are £8 and the walks are strictly limited to 15 places, so book up soon!

BC walk Dec

You can book a place on these walks by clicking the above links. We look forward to seeing you.

Bevin Through the Lens

In August 2015 the Bevin Court Restoration Project went on film. Over three days 10-12 August 11 students came together to explore Bevin Court through art. They learnt all about the sites significance and produced a brilliant exhibition of artworks inspired by this heritage.

Six of these students were interviewed to join us on a two week film making course with Cubitt artist  Ella Medley-Whitfield. Their schedule was tight, but they managed to:

  • visit the Clerks’ Well
  • go on a guided walk to explore the area of Finsbury
  • get an introduction to Archives and Museums by Mark Aston
  • use the archive and museum to research their films
  • visit Unite the Union to interview the Chief of Staff, Andrew Murray
  • visit Imakr studio on Clerkenwell Rd to get a clued up on 3D printing.
  • interviewed John Allan, Lubetkin’s biographer
  • interview Tom Organ, the lead conservator on the mural restoration.
  • and interview loads of Bevin court’s residents

They then hit the editing room and composed six amazing short films. We had a film screening of their works at Islington Museum on the evening of 27 August. The films the produced knocked our socks off, you can see the videos they created here!

You can also watch Ella Medley-Whitfield’s documentary looking at the wider project.

Adila Nasrin

Bryan Francis Harrera

Keva Oscar 

Mitul Depala

Rahim Ali

Sophia Oscar