What’s in a colour?

The Peter Yates’ mural at Bevin court has had a very exciting life, it’s been painted over twice and is now in the process of being restored. Along with the hunt to find the detail of the original scheme, there is also a tremendous amount of work being done to find out what the original colour scheme was for the mural.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.41.50

The conservation team sent samples of paint layers from the mural off to a lab to be tested. Through this the team discovered that the paints had a significantly different tone in the origional scheme.


Tom and his team then match up all the colours and have produced swatches of the colours that will be used to reinstate the original look and fee of the mural.

Take a look at the below image to see the difference between the colour painted pre 1989 and the original colour scheme. To the left of the image is the modern brighter colour blue. to the right is the more subtle, dusky 1950s blue.  We think the finished produce is going to look amazing.



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