Sunday 23 May 2016, a year and a day to the day we launched the Bevin Court Community Restoration project, we were able to unveil the brilliant outcomes to everyone.

We were lucky enough to have a great team on hand to help with all the arrangements for the afternoons celebrations. Julia, Carol, Sue and Nancy and many other residents were enthusiastic in taking care of all the victualing and organizing. I think you’ll agree that it looks like a great spread.

BEvin Opening

Julia had the great idea of making a cake with a picture of the mural on it. It worked so well that she made two…and some cupcakes with bulls heads to boot!


John Allan kindly introduced the audience to the topic and after a few thanks from Julia Barclay (Chair of the TRA and the main reason the project ever got off the ground) and Alex Smith (Project coordinator) we passed proceedings onto one of only two remaining original tenants of Bevin Court.

LBI Bevan Court 22.05.16-0212

Joan Edmonds was kind enough to unveil our beautifully restored mural  Day and Night, Winged Bulls by Peter YatesJoan has lived in Bevin Court since 1954 and has many fantastic memories about the place. You can listen to Joan and Carol, another original Bevin Court resident, recalling memories of the past 60 years in one of our oral histories. 

LBI Bevan Court 22.05.16-0331

We all got a chance to watch the great films that our young film makers made for us last summer. And even the community police got a bit of a break when they popped by to support the celebrations and have a piece of cake. We were thrilled to have Jolyon Yates, Peter Yates’ son, with us for the celebrations. The family have been indispensable in figuring out the complex history of the mural and it was brilliant to have him attend.

We were sad to be missing some of the most important people from the occasion: the conservation team. They had quite deservedly gone on holiday, so we will have to pass on our greatest thanks to them for enabling us to unveil a truly remarkable mural, restored to its former glory by a brilliant team.


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