Bevin Court TRA meeting – 24th June 2015


Val Barnes LBI

Julia Barclay
Jackie Coote
Mick Page
John Moyle
Sue petts
Carol Horner
Tom Cordell
Nancy Westwater,
Roger Fretwell,
(Kay Bettis)
David Heckling
Tim Spoor
(Anita Poulter)
Deborah Brennan
Alex Smith
(Olivia Thompson)
Sally Grey
Justin Oh
Patricia Dove

(Names in brackets are in attendance but without voting rights as they from the same household as a voting attendee)

Late Arrivals
Raj Shah
Arthur Garratt
Aynom Fesum
Antonio Dos Santos

Leaseholders marked with LH, Private tenants marked as PT, others are LBI tenants.

Meeting opens 1845.

VB: We are quorate and have more tenants than leaseholders.

JB: We’re hoping to keep this a brief meeting – the main point of today’s meeting is to get everything in order so that we can be recognised by LBI. 1. canvas members for names and addresses 2. review votes for positions. 3. agree name for TRA, 4. adopt LBI model constitution, 5. Any other business.

VB: First take votes for nominees.
Take votes for:
JB as chair. Unanimous
TC as vice chair. Unanimous
JO as secretary. Unanimous
Sally Grey. Unanimous

Other committee members:
Sue Petts
John Moyle
David Heckling
Mick Page
Any objections to these 4? None
(See below Aynom Fesum elected later in the meeting to the committee)

VB: The requirement is for minimum 8 committee meetings a year, and one general meeting with elections either annually or biannually.

We now have a TRA at Bevin Court! BC is now entitled to apply for funding and representation with LBI.

Next we need to agree a name. Bevin Court Tenants and Residents Association. Agreed unanimously.

Raj: when filming takes place in the building will the TRA be consulted?
VB: Yes.

JM: Can we use the council’s email list to contact residents?
VB: No – TRAs are meant to be independent of the council and there also would be data protection issues.
JB: We will need to do door knocking to get wider support and interest for the TRA
VB: Perhaps you could organise a small event to build interest in the TRA? The council can offer support with this.
AF: From experience of last TRA we need to get people out and knocking on doors. Not happy with the location of this meeting as it’s too far away for lots of residents.
VB: We weren’t able to use the Peel Centre (closer location) and so this venue was chosen as the closest available location.

Late election: Aynom unanimously elected to the committee.

VB: Finally we need to adopt the draft constitution
JB: Copies of draft constitution were circulated to attendees today who were not at previous meeting. Also advised that it was available online. Summarised constitution and asked if there were any objections to it? Agreed provisionally
VB: if you having read the constitution have any objections, please let us know within 14 days.

JB: Any other business. As you may know I’ve been doing a lot of TRA type stuff behind the scenes. I’m going to write this up so that we all know what’s been going on. Give me a month or so to document all this. We can have a committee meeting in about a month’s time. I’ll give everyone 14 days notice. I really want this to be really representative and get more and more people involved. We’re going to do a door knocking campaign. Please talk to your neighbours, and get a feeling that we can achieve change. We now have an official voice with LBI.

VB: LBI has a tenants and residents panel meeting every two months so if people pass issues onto JB for representation here.

JB: One of the objectives of the door knocking is to explain what the TRA does, and what it doesn’t do.

Meeting closed.

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