Plans for estate improvements: What are the options?

At the General Meeting on the 5th July, it became clear that most residents knew nothing of the planned changes to the estate. Bjorn Alcantara from LB Islington has kindly sent over details of the plans – I’ve put them together below with a few explanatory notes about other options.

Your TRA will be consulting all residents about what you’d like to do over the next few weeks. So please look through these plans and decide on your view and share it with us. We will arrive at a democratic decision and let the council know what we as a community want. 

Scheme 1: Installation of deterrent paving to loggia area 

This material is colloquially called “anti-tramp paving”.  Is intended to make it too uncomfortable to sit in this area, to stop young people and the homeless sitting there. I’ve previously posted my views on what I think about this here,  so here’s the nuts and bolts of what’s proposed.

Funding Allocation: £4500

Option A. LBI’s Proposal: To lay deterrent paving blocks on top of the loggia area located on the external ground floor behind the caretaker lodge. The type of paving block is yet to be decided but the two styles preferred are “Lambeth” and “Cobbles” (picture below)


Scheme 1- Bevin Court Loggia

But there are alternatives.

Option B: Conservation architect and Lubetkin Biographer John Allan proposes that we install planters there. Tim of the estate gardening group supports this plan and is happy to plant and maintain the plants. The gardening group also has some funds it could contribute to this scheme. Here’s a picture of how this would look:Spa Green Ground Floor planter detail

And finally option C :At the meeting on the 5th July, only a quarter of the people there felt there was a problem with this area of the estate that needed solving, so we could choose to do nothing.


Scheme 2: Installation of hardstanding and green roof bin shelters to accommodate recycling and refuse bins. LBI say this is required because they have to end our doorstep recycling scheme (meaning we will have to bring our recycling down to the bin area) and therefore we need extra space for recycling bins.

Scheme 2 – Green Roof Shelter DrawingScheme 2 - Green Roof Shelter Drawing



The bins would be place at the rear of the building facing flats 9-11.

Funding Allocation: £5000 (Environmental & Security Budget only)

Description/brief: This scheme will be delivered and funded in two parts:


  1. Part one is the concrete base installation which will be delivered/funded under the environmental and security budget. The work will involve a 7m excavation of the grass slope opposite and to the left of the bin chamber, laying of a steel reinforced concrete base, and construction of a 1m high retaining wall.
  2. Part two will be delivered via the Recycling team and will involve the installation of two prefabricated green roof bin shelters on top of the concrete base. These will house the recycling bins that are currently sitting on the access road. An additional green roof shelter was also planned for the area where the refuse bins sit directly  opposite the bin chamber. A decision was made for the shelters to be installed without doors as they would be an issue for recycling/refuse collections.


Other options? At the meeting on 5th July, residents in the flats close by were strongly opposed to having the bins moved opposite them – particularly as there won’t be doors on the binstores so they’ll get a full frontal view of the rubbish. Would it be possible to redesign this scheme so they don’t have to stare out at the bins from their kitchens?


Scheme 3: Unauthorised Parking Prevention Measures

Funding Allocation:  £2000

Description/brief: There are three elements to this scheme:


  1. Renewal and installation of double yellow lines including around the centre circle, rear access road, and ‘No parking at any time’ lettering outside the ground floor flats next to number 4.
  2. Installation of five concrete bollards to grass verge of access road leading off of Bevin Way.
  3. Installation of post mounted sign reading ‘No through road’ on the corner of the same verge.

Other options: Several residents have said that they think the yellow lines would be very ugly. Perhaps this could be dropped from this scheme. The view of the group at the meeting was that parking wasn’t really a problem at Bevin Court, so perhaps the best option is to do nothing?


2 thoughts on “Plans for estate improvements: What are the options?

  1. Something I meant to bring up at the meeting regarding recycling. It seems to have been the plan to change the chutes from general waste to recycling chutes – painting them green As some residents abuse that system anyway (putting down over-large rubbish thereby blocking the chutes) and leave rubbish around the chutes, I think it’s likely that general waste will be put into the chutes regularly


    • I think the idea of using one of the chutes for recycling was abandoned at an early stage – it would have left residents on the south wing without a chute for “normal” rubbish.


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