Minutes from 8th August committee meeting

Bevin Court TRA Committee Meeting – 8th August 2016 – The Amwell Arms

Attendance: Josie Afolabi, Julia Barclay, Tom Cordell, Sally Grey, David Hickling, Anita Poulter, Mark Rose, Tim Spoor,

  1. Welcome and Apologies

The meeting opened at 18:40

  1. Interpreting the Data

David provided an overview of what the Committee had done so far on consulting residents about the three proposed schemes: the loggia area, the bin area and parking issues. A full meeting was held on the 5th July to which all residents were invited. A consultation followed this via email, posters in lifts, entrances and stairwells, flyers through doors and doorstep canvassing. Responses were gathered from approximately 35% of households.

David stressed the fact that the overall consultation responses are advisory, not definite, and should be used to inform, rather than instruct, the Committee in its decision making.

The following conclusions could be drawn from the consultation:

Bin stores:

  • There was a clear majority in favour of improving the situation.
  • Green roof bins were the clear preference of residents
  • Should the Committee consider the location and lumber store issues?


  • There was a clear majority in favour of providing dedicated contractor parking on the Estate.
  • Residents were in favour of the following suggestions: reviewing signage around the Estate, installing bollards on the back road, constructing a footpath around the back gate, a ‘no through road’ sign on Bevin Way.
  • Residents were not in favour of more double yellow lines.
  • A range of suggestions were made in relation to parking by residents, including: making better use of the car park, use of front parking spaces, the parking space at the entrance to the Estate, the boiler house area.


  • A majority of residents believed there was an issue with the loggia area and anti-social behaviour.
  • There was a clear preference from residents for a scheme that involved planters, however opinion was more divided on the specifics of a planter based design. Options included planters with deterrent paving, planters alone, or planters to fill the entire space.
  1. Tim Spoor – Gardening Group

Tim attended the meeting on behalf of the Bevin Court Gardening Group to give his thoughts and contribute to the discussion on the proposed planters option in the Loggia area. He confirmed that the Group would be capable of maintaining planters in this area.

  1. Binstores

The Committee considered the responses from residents and options for the bin store scheme. An update was provided about developments which took place earlier that day when Council representatives began to install metal screens around the existing bin area. This work was stopped given that the TRA is considering the already publicised project proposal. A discussion took place on the location of the scheme, with it explained that six alternate locations had been considered but it was felt the space in front of flats 8-13 was the most suitable. Concern was raised about the lumber store area and the need for space for bulky waste. It was suggested that the metal screens that were about to be installed be incorporated into the proposed green roof bin project in order to create a bulky waste storage area.

Committee Decisions:

  • The Committee noted the preference of residents for something to be done about the bin area.
  • The Committee resolved to move forward with the Green Roof design for the bins.
  • The Committee agreed on the proposed location for the bin project (adjacent to flats 8-13)
  • The Committee resolved that as part of this scheme a space for the lumber store waste (bulky items) should also be incorporated – using the metal screens from the abortive project if possible. The TRA is to liaise with the Council over the incorporation and design of this.
  1. Parking

The Committee considered the resident responses on the parking issue and noted the low take-up of car parking spaces in the rear car park. It was explained that the boiler house required access on a daily basis and that parking could not be provided there.

Committee decisions:

  • The Committee noted the preference by residents for contractor parking to be provided on the Estate. The Committee agreed to liaise with the Council over how dedicated contractor parking space could be provided.
  • The Committee agreed that the front car parking spaces should be the preferred spaces for contractors to park in. Residents currently using these spaces would be given spaces in the rear car park.
  • The Committee agreed to move forward with the interventions residents were in favour of: review of signage, bollards on the rear road, a footpath around the rear gate and a ‘no through road’ notification by/on Bevin Way.
  1. Loggia Area

The Committee discussed the problems associated with the the Loggia/Sunbather area. It was stressed that the proposed intervention needed to fulfil its objective of deterring anti-social behaviour whilst ensuring it was in keeping with the architect’s vision and design of the Estate..

A discussion took place over the best possible design and viability for a Planter-based scheme (including with or without deterrent paving). The planters on the nearby Spa Green Estate were cited as possible examples to follow. Tom has been in contact with architect John Allan, who has been providing advice on this issue, and stated he could contact him again regarding the design of a planter based scheme. The TRA was reminded that funding was a factor and the scheme would have to have the requisite funding. The Gardening Group would also be important in maintaining the scheme.

Committee Decisions:

  • The Committee noted resident responses that they felt something should be done to address issues in the Loggia area.
  • The Committee agreed to move forward with a planter based scheme, but did not make a final decision on the exact design. The Committee resolved to work with the Council and architects to come up with a suitable scheme, that addressed the identified problem of anti-social behaviour in the loggia area, which also worked with the architectural design and vision of the building and could be properly managed and maintained by the Gardening Group.
  • The Committee resolved to chase up reported incidents of anti-social behaviour with the relevant public authorities when these occurred, so as to ensure they are aware of the problem.
  1. Any Other Business

The Committee decided on a rescheduled AGM date on 21st September – time and location to be confirmed. It was agreed that feedback to residents on the three issues discussed would be included in notifications about the AGM.

The proposed heating works in the Estate were raised and a short discussion took place. It was acknowledged that the Committee would need to consult with residents on this in the future. There was a desire to look at the proposals on the table and see what alternative options existed. The Committee would come to this at a later meeting.

TRA committee meeting 8th August, all welcome

We’re having a TRA committee meeting at 1830 on Monday 8th August at the Amwell Arms. This is to decide on what the TRA recommends for the parking, bin store and loggia area proposals. While only the committee will vote, any residents with a view on these matters are free to contribute to the debate, and to see how the TRA operates. We’d like to see you there – we’re trying to make the TRA operate in a more open and accessible way.

If you’re thinking about standing for election at our 14th Sept AGM (NOW RESCHEDULED TO THE 21st SEPT) then this is a great opportunity to see what the TRA is about.


Tom Flat 13