Update on estate parking and bin store schemes

Here’s a drawing that gives an overview of the current plans:


  1. Parking controls: As posted previously, the council has agreed to pause the reallocation of parking spaces at the front of the building from residential use to contractor use.  This seems to me to be a sensible change to the scheme that prioritises the needs of residents.
  2. The council no longer have the funds to create a pathway around the gate at the rear of the building. This is regrettable, but I think adds to the case for the back gate to be left open permanently.
  3. The council will shortly start work on installing bollards to prevent parking on the grass verges at the rear of the building. They will also install a “no through road” sign near the entrance to Bevin Way. They are keen not to add to the clutter of signs so hopefully they will be taking down some superfluous signage too.
  4. The bin stores are going to be located further along the rear access path than originally planned. This is because there are tree roots blocking the original site that the council says it cannot cut away. This is unfortunate as I think ease of use will be what makes or breaks the success of the recycling scheme. As a plus point, the council have agreed to put doors on the bin stores (which the TRA committee wanted) after originally supplying a a design without doors. Drawing below: binstoresLet me know what you think BEFORE THE 11th NOVEMBER and I will pass it on to the council:  bevincourttra@gmail.com

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