Minutes of TRA committee meeting 27 10 16 held at Amwell Arms

Action points and votes taken reviewed and agreed at end of meeting by all participants. Minutes reviewed and agreed by TC and SG 28.10.16


Tom Cordell TRA Chair and minute taker.

Josie Afolabi  TRA Secretary

Sally Grey TRA Treasurer

John Moyle TRA committee member

Aynom Fesum TRA committee member

Sue Petts TRA committee member

Julia Barclay resident

Margaret Pipe resident

Jakki Coote resident

Apologies from David Hickling and Mick Page


TC opened by telling the committee that the TRA needed to plan an AGM with some suitable candidates for Chair, Vice chair, Treasurer and Secretary. We have vacancies for Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. He argued that the key issue here is that the team elected are people who are all happy to work together, with a chair that has the support of the officers. We need to think about how to bring in new candidates from outside those already involved. We need to think about having the AGM in an more accessible venue than Margery Street, as the meeting held there was inquorate, whereas the meeting held in the lobby earlier in the year got over 30 attendees.

JC said meeting in lobby wasn’t ideal because nobody could hear.

SG, JA and TC disagreed, saying lobby got good engagement. TC said that the sound issues could be addressed by using a microphone and loudspeaker.  SP suggested we could use the corner of the lobby by the caretaker’s store as it is quieter there.

TC suggested we use some of our funds to pay for a party in the lobby to engage with residents and talk to them about what the TRA can do for them, and to encourage them to join in. This can be followed by an AGM (a two party solution).

JB suggested that any party must be a secular and family friendly event.

JM asked why not have an AGM as a catered event – a single party fulfilling both needs. TC replied that yes this was an option, but we couldn’t expect for people to turn up and agree to be on committee or take on an officer role without any time to think about it.

JM asked for a door drop of achievements for the TRA. SG asked if everyone would be prepared to leaflet the building.

JB asked SG if we got the administration grant applied for – SG said it was in process.

The committee voted to have a party in the Lobby separate from the AGM with a budget of £200. It voted to have the party on Friday 18th November 1800-2000. The AGM should follow no less than 28 days after.


TC suggested that the TRA should agree on a strategy to dispose of its assets of the TRA should the TRA become unviable (The TRA wasn’t quorate at the last attempted AGM so we have an obligation to plan for this eventuality). TC suggested we agree on the option to  transfer assets (and the ongoing funds raised from film shoots on the estate) to the gardening group as then they could be used to carry on improving the estate for everyone here.

JC expressed concern that improving the gardens might not benefit everyone who lives on the estate.

JB wanted funds left in trust for a future TRA.

SG argued we shouldn’t discuss this at all until we know for sure that the TRA is defunct. TC argued that the problem with this approach is that should the TRA become defunct, it wouldn’t have a committee that can make decisions about disposing of its assets, and this is why its important to have a policy in place in case of this eventuality.

We voted to make a decision on this at the party, by resident vote. 


TC explained that he had received some strong objections arising from residents of the South Wing about losing their parking spaces to provide contractor parking. He suggested we discuss modifying the scheme to accommodate their needs.

-JB and SP said that contractors are causing disruption.

-JA suggested that contractors can park in the single parking bay by the front circle.

-JC asked for the council to give street permits to contractors.

-JM said the council should highlight the contractor space that already exists.

-JM suggested that we need 3 spaces for contractors and visitors.

-Suggestion made that council could extend the hard standing by flat 13 to create 2 or 3 contractor and visitor parking places.

Vote: We recommend more consultation in the new year

-TC action point to email council to relay views of meeting


Update on estate improvement projects.

1. Planters. TC showed the latest drawing of the planter design and explains how this version removes the 8″ ledge around the edge of the loggia area, making it much harder to climb into the planter or sit around it. The design impressed most of the group.

2. Bins. TC explains how the bins are being re-sited further down the rear access road as tree roots preclude siting the bins close to the existing bin area as originally planned. -JB said that TC should speak to Jean Hughes (LB Islington’s Recycling officer)  as she might be able to overrule the decision on positioning the bins. TC explained that he has sought the advice of a independent tree surgeon, and had been told that there is no way the roots can be cut back to allow the bins to go in the original position without removing the tree too.

There was discussion about whether the new bin store is big enough to take the general waste (paladin) bins as well as the recycling bins. There was also discussion of whether we would get some enclosure for the large item rubbish area.

-TC Action point find out what is happening to the general waste bins and the large item rubbish area. 

3. TC explained how the council have cancelled the planned path to give pedestrian and cycle access around the gate at the rear of the estate. He suggested that perhaps a folding bollard in place of the gate would be a cheaper way to obtain the same result.

JB told the group that David Huchison (head of parking at LB Islington) was totally opposed to folding bollards.

Committee voted to say TRA want both bollards and walk around.

TC passed on a resident idea (from Carol Horner) to ask for money given to LB Islington by producers of Esio Trot for estate improvements to be spent on this.

The committee vote and agree to ask council to spend Esio Trot money on walk around if required. TC action point to inform council of this. 


TC led a discussion of the Bevin Court web presence and all communications with residents. He argued that this is informing a wider range of residents, but accepted that TRA should also use posters to communicate with residents who are not on the web.

TC gave Web stats for that day as an example of increased resident engagement  – 40 views, from 18 users (highest number this week).

JB said that the images on the website are not zoomable.

TC action point  – he agreed to look into this. 


Finances – Commitee discussed accessing funds for treasurer, as the coop have not sent her the information to log into the account, and only our ex chair JB has access to the TRA funds.

We vote to transfer all publicity budget over to Sally as a cash float. 

Action points: JB to carry out bank transfer ASAP. SG to contact Coop bank regarding debit card and her access to the account. 


AOB – none

Agreed outcomes: TC to action agreed points. TC to write up minutes and publish online.  TC asked for someone who has a printer to print out the minutes and pin them up in the lobby, and in the lifts. JB volunteered to do this. 

3 thoughts on “Minutes of TRA committee meeting 27 10 16 held at Amwell Arms


    Attendees – I am not a committee member

    1. I was not just JC who said no one could hear in lobby. AF & SP also expressed the same opinion as I recall. I also expressed that I had been told by attendees that no one could hear.

    There is no mention in the minutes of the discussion as to whether or not alcohol should be offered at the proposed party. As I recall, I suggested that alcohol should not be served as this could alienate those who do not drink either because they are in recovery or are otherwise opposed to alcohol e.g. on religious grounds. It could also be potentially problematic for residents who have alcohol abuse issues. I recall at least a couple people agreeing, for example JM who suggested we should serve the same as what the Council offers on Housing Panel meetings – sandwiches, biscuits, hot & cold non-alcoholic drinks etc. It was my impression that “no-alcohol” was generally agreed upon.

    3. No mention made of the point I raised that Catherine Shawsmith advised me that they Council was at liberty to vary the parking facilities offered to residents as they wished e.g. when the car park is turned into a site office (as it has been on several occasions)

    4 – (General) I raised point that the only info on the blog was the pictures with no supporting text regarding materials,measurements etc just a “What do you think?” and requested more info, including images that could be zoomed into in order to read detail info.

    4.2 “JB said that TC should speak to Jean Hughes (LB Islington’s Recycling officer) as she might be able to overrule the decision on positioning the bins.”
    I did not suggest that Jean Hughes could “overrule” the decision, just that she may be able to persuade the Special Projects Team that their proposed placement was poor, especially as she is expected to co-fund the project.

    4.3 “Committee voted to say TRA want both bollards and walk around”

    Clarify that the bollards mentioned are the concrete bollards ABOVE the swing gate, not the folding bollard mentioned by TC

    4.3 – No mention made of the discussion we had regarding canvassing resident opinion about changing the use of the Esio Trot funds. These were earmarked for improved lighting at rear of estate. I and others argued that change of use should require consultation w residents.

    5. Need to include in this section on discussion of the need to carry on with door-step leafleting and providing printed materials in general (door-to-door leaflets, posters in lobby & on doors, posters in lifts etc). Potential problem identified as none of the current officers appear to have printing facilities.

    “JB said that the images on the website are not zoomable.

    TC action point – he agreed to look into this. ”

    This discussion is under section 4.

    7. “Agreed outcomes: TC to action agreed points. TC to write up minutes and publish online. TC asked for someone who has a printer to print out the minutes and pin them up in the lobby, and in the lifts. JB volunteered to do this. ”

    Amend – “JB volunteered to do this AND OTHER REQUIRED PRINTING with support for costs of printing. ”


    • Thanks Julia your resignation from the committee has been noted and the minutes altered to reflect this. Could you email or write to us to confirm?
      Regarding your other assertion – we reviewed the minutes (action points and items voted on) at the end of the meeting so both Sally and I (who went over the minutes in detail before we published them) are perplexed why you didn’t raise these points then. I suggest you raise them at the next committee meeting where they can be resolved by the group.


      • Hello – I did not “resign” from the committee. After I was de-selected as Chair, I held no position in the TRA aside from member, so there was nothing to resign from.
        Re: my comments on the minutes, I was under the impression that the minutes would be circulated before publication as has always been done in the past and as is good practice. I was not aware that there was a review of the minutes at the end of the meeting in the pub, but it was very difficult to hear. Is there a date for the next meeting? Thanks.


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