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Following the TRA committee meeting on the 27th October, we had some questions about the detail of these projects. Here’s a summary of the exchange between me (TC) and Bjorn (BA) at LB Islington that clarifies the points arising from the meeting:

(TC) Bin stores – the drawings show space for 4 bins. Does the design only provide for recycling now? Are the paladin bins to be enclosed in the new stores, or left where they are? If the paladin bins are to be kept in their existing site, will they be enclosed in the bin stores ordered earlier this year but not installed?  What if any provision is being made for bulk waste storage?

(BA) The funding provision was allocated solely for the construction of a concrete base to provide a solid footing for the recycling bin enclosure which was to be funded separately by the Recycling Team. Please refer to the original application submitted by Julia. As such, the proposal for a refuse bin enclosure and bulk refuse store won’t be developed by the Special Projects team as there is no funding provision. I understand that the Estate Services team may have been working with Julia to develop something separately.

(TC) Parking. This one gets as many different opinions as there are people!  We all agreed to revisit this issue in the new year. Meanwhile maintaining the status quo is probably the least contentious option.

(BA) The status quo to be maintained for now.

(TC) The committee voted to say we feel the walk around space at the back gate must be incorporated in the works currently underway (or at least that some provision is made for pedestrians etc to pass the gate when it is locked). There are funds in the region of £1500 held by the council that were paid by the producers of the tv film Esio Trot over a year ago, intended as a contribution towards estate improvements. This was meant to pay for some estate lighting that has never materialised; the committee voted to ask for these funds to be allocated instead to fund the walk around path at the rear gate.

(BA) I am seeking clarification on the level of funds available from the Esio Trot filming and will let you know. If there is enough in the pot we can look to procure the work to construct a walk around path at the same time as the other proposed works for the estate. However, there isn’t likely to be enough to also fund a set of folding bollards.

(TC) Planters – everyone really likes the latest design. Well done to you and your team! We have had feedback asking me to make sure that there will be a tap included here to allow the gardeners to water the plants here. Could you let me know this is the case, and liaise with Tim about its location?

(BA) Thanks for the feedback on the planter design. Once we have received planning approval we will re-visit site with the architect to go through the specification and construction detail of the planter which will include the water point/tap and consideration of existing service provisions as part of the procurement at tender stage.


(BA) No through road sign: I have attached the design for the post mounted sign proposed for Bevin Way. The aluminium panel (450mm x 450mm x 3mm thick) will be finished with a powder coated printed face and clear anti-graffiti coating to be fixed to a grey aluminium post and concreted into position. The cost is £364 +VAT. Please share with the TRA/resident group and let me know if you are happy to proceed so that I can pick this up on my return from leave. IMAGE ABOVE




One thought on “More info on the estate improvements

  1. The original bid which I submitted to the Special Projects team and which won funding was to provide for 1) a facility to house the paladin bins 2) a facility to house 4 recycling bins and 3) facility to house bulk waste/lumber stores. I can’t quote from the bid directly as you have removed my access to the relevant files.
    The bid was NOT simply to provide an area of hard standing for the recycle bins. This entire project was to be funded by our Special Projects bid and a contribution from the Recycling Team in preparation for the withdrawal of door step recycling facilities. Additionally, there were the unexpected paladin bin stores provided by Jomax/Estate Services which I had asked to be integrated into the scheme.
    To say that this was only a bid for hard standing is a misrepresentation of the facts. Have you chased this w the Recycling Team as I suggested?
    Please reread my original bid application and chase this with Special Projects & Recycling or restore my access to the Google Account so that I may pursue it.


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