No Gas in East Wing

Here’s an update on the gas supply problems in the East wing from Olivia Thompson:

On Wednesday 2nd November at around 10.45pm residents of the east wing of Bevin Court were alerted to the fact that their gas supply had been switched off. The National Grid employees that came knocking door to door informed residents that due the size of the building and it’s listed status residents may be without gas for anything up to 6 weeks, and that scaffolding may have to be erected along the building to replace all the gas pipework. Small heaters and one plate electric hobs were given out to residents. Over the weekend little work was seen to be carried out, although it does appear that a section of the pipe had been removed by the exit door near Holford Yard. As we had had no further update, I telephoned the National Grid using the phone number given to me by the NG employees on the Wednesday. At this stage I was told that the National Grid had had no report of any problem and that they would have to send out an engineer. An engineer arrived within twenty minutes and informed me that the letter that had been given out to the residents was incorrect and he gave me an updated leaflet which had the correct contact numbers for the contractors which had taken over the job. As the offices for these contractors are only open during the week I had to wait until today (Monday 7th) to telephone. The contractors’ office confirmed that they are handling the situation, and that an inspection had been carried out to assess the work required. This inspection was currently being processed through their system, but as we live in a listed building any work required may have to be approved by English Heritage. He could not confirm how long residents would be without gas but did concede that it would be a minimum of 1-2 weeks, and a maximum of around 6 weeks. I pointed out that although we had been given heaters we had no way of getting hot water, and mentioned that the NG employees had told me that we should request urns. Hot water urns have now been requested for all 43(?) flats affected and should arrive today or tomorrow. I was told to call back tomorrow afternoon for an update by which time it was hoped the surveyors report would show the work required and therefore the period of time which the residents would have to wait for their gas supply to return.

Here’s the contact numbers for the contractors doing the job: 02038698911 or 02038698912

UPDATE – The contractors will only give you a water urn if you ask them for one – call them the above numbers…


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