Save our plants: Saved!

UPDATE MON 21st – Catherine Shawsmith has been in touch to say we can keep our plants: “plants kept in non plastic containers and not in the walk ways will not be an issue”. Fab…



Yesterday we all got a hand distributed letter from the council asking us to remove everything from outside our homes on the access walkways.

This has upset a number of residents as they like to grow small pots of flowers outside their homes. This is the email I’ve sent to the council to ask them to revise this policy – you can add your voice to this by emailing our estate services manager Catherine Shawsmith your views:

Dear Catherine

A number of residents have contacted me about your letter that was hand delivered yesterday to the entire estate here. I’m copying this to some of the affected residents.
They are distressed that they will have to get rid of the plants they have grown in pots outside their front doors. I think we should acknowledge the emotional importance of growing plants for many people at their homes. It’s understood by many housing experts that it’s important for people to have small ways of personalising their space in flatted accomodation, and growing plants by their front door is a simple and socially beneficial way for them to do this; not only does it benefit the individual resident, it also makes the whole estate look nicer for all of us.
While I completely support the need to keep the landing areas clear of obstructions in case of the need to evacuate the building, there is no need to ban every plant pot on the landings. The full width of the landings is not available already; a depth of up to around 9″ has been taken up by covers for pipework installed since the building was finished. In fact the poor build quality of some of these covers obstructs the full opening of some of the security doors meaning that they cannot open fully. These present a genuine hazard in case of evacuation.
I suggest a revised policy on plant pots- residents should be allowed to place pots against the brickwork of their flat to a depth no greater than 9″ so that the front of the pots does not protrude proud of the pipe covers. This would allow us to escape in an emergency, would keep the estste looking nice and floral, and keep our green fingered residents happy in their homes.
Today’s filmclip is a trailer for the 1984 tv version of Day of the Triffids. Plants that really could kill you…

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