Forthcoming film shoot at Bevin Court

12 1946 70 Arriflex 35

Following a kind donation to the TRA funds a film shoot will be happening on the 29th November… Here’s a letter to residents from the producer: 

To the Residents of Bevin Court,


My name is Lies Scheps and I am currently finishing my MA in Fashion Communication and Promotion at Central Saint MUniversity of the Arts London. For my graduation project I am making a fashion film called ‘Disconnect‘. I intend to shoot on Tuesday, 29 November in the beautiful Bevin Court with my friendly and hardworking team. The film is about the internet and we think that the wonderful architecture of the staircase could create a strong link to our concept. 


We intend to arrive on location in Bevin Court at 10:00 and will be packed up to leave by 15:30; we hope this will minimize any disruption. During the first and last hour we will not be shooting. In the first hour we will set up the cameras and lighting, and get our models in make-up and outfits. We will use the last hour to clean up after ourselves. We intend to shoot largely on the staircase, one scene on the roof, and one shot near the entrace of the building. Of course, we will minimize any inconvenienve this may cause the residence. We will arrive by public transport and uber taxis, so there will not be any disturbance from vehicles or parking. We will not be carrying out any special action shots or be loud, as the sound will be recorded separately in the studio. As we will be filming mostly inside on the staircase, the access to the site will not be affected. 


If there are any issues with the shoot, please let us know how we can help. I can personally be contacted on 07857222249. Alternatively the Islington Film Office who have processed this application can be contacted on 0207 620 0391 should any issues arise.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.


Kind regards,


Lies Scheps


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