Tories’ “Pay to Stay” policy abandoned


As you may recall, all Islington Council tenants received a letter from the Council in June 2016 detailing the effects of the The Housing and Planning Act 2016 after it passed into law on 12 May 2016.

The Act included many onerous proposals regarding Council Housing as part of the Conservative Government’s plan to destroy social/Council housing in the UK.  Among other things, the Act included

  • the “Pay to Stay” provision where Council tenants earning £40,000 or more in London (£30,000 or more outside London) would be forced to pay market or near market rents,
  • the forced sale of “high value” properties by local authorities as they become vacant (Islington estimated they would be forced to sell 85% of their housing stock),
  • the extension of Right to Buy to Housing association tenants as well as Council housed tenants – paid for by the forced sale of high value Council homes,
  • phasing out of secure tenancies in favour of fixed, short-term tenancies and
  • many other policies antagonistic to Council Housing and Council tenants.

Axe The Housing Act has been working very hard to defeat this Act and there have been successes recently:

On Monday 21 Nov, the government dropped the Pay to Stay tenant tax.  See Islington’s Press Release here

On Thursday 24 Nov, the government delayed the Right to Buy extension to Housing Associations until at least 2018.  See Inside Housing coverage here

Axe the Housing Act continues to work to defeat this Act.  I urge you to follow them either on



email  You can also email them at and ask to be added to their mailing list.

Read The Guardian’s round-up of The Housing & Planning Act 2016 here:

With Shelter’s latest analysis showing that 1 in 51 Londoners are now homeless, genuinely affordable housing like Council Housing is more crucial than ever.  Read the BBC’s coverage Shelter’s latest about homelessness in the UK here

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