Update on Gas works 9 12 16


Last night I emailed John Pettigrew, the Chief Executive of National Grid, to ask why residents are being kept in the dark (or should it be the cold?) about the progress of repairs on the gas supply in the east wing here. I also asked for affected residents’ compensation to be paid immediately and as a cash payment rather than a credit to their gas accounts. I made it clear that the extra costs of coping without gas, especially for electricity are a burden that residents shouldn’t have to bear. Mr Pettigrew earns £1.4 million a year so I hope on that wage he has amazing skills to resolve our problems!
At about 8am this morning National Grid called and have promised to improve their communications with residents from today. They are also looking into compensation.

Here’s what they say about the likely timetable for completion:

“From the Area Manager  for high rise replacement/repair projects:
We will deal with the communication issues today and over the weekend with particular focus on any vulnerability.

The existing pipework has been reused in part, being tested successfully yesterday and will be commissioned today. From that pipework we need to install new entries to each property for the supplies to be restored, which will begin today. Customers will begin to have supplies from today. Dependent upon access we envisage restoring supplies to all properties by the middle of next week.

We have also had an enquiry from a local councillor who has also been informed of our progress and anticipated completion date.”

They promise to get back in touch about the compensation situation, so I will update you when they do.

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